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Game Overview:

Shogun Wars is a free, online strategy game where you play the role of a Shogun in medieval Japan.

It is your job to train ninjas, build up troops & weapons, research new technologies and protect members of your alliance from rivals. This page is more or less dedicated to giving you an overview of the game itself and how things operate, but not the story behind it, so be sure to read the story of the Shogun Wars. To get some more background. Anyway... back to the game:

Shogun wars has components of turn-based as well as real-time gameplay.

Turn-Based Play:

Every half hour a turn happens. During a turn you get more gold to spend on new troops & technologies. You also get a certain amount of attack turns and covert turns that you can spend by going to war with your enemies and/or sending ninjas into enemy camps to keep tabs on rival players. Player rankings are calculated at the beginning of each half hour turn.

Every night another turn happens. During this turn, new troop replacements come in to replace casualties that may have occurred during the day.

Real-Time Play:

When you attack another player or send ninjas on a recon mission, this happens in real time. You may also: send messengers to other players, buy new weapons, buy upgraded technology, or send your ninjas on a mission of theft. These aspects of the game all happen in real time.


One of the first things you will be asked to do is pick a clan. There are four clans total, each with a specialty skill which gives them a bonus in a certain area. To choose a clan, simply ask yourself how you are most likely to play. If you plan to be aggressive you should probably choose Mantis, defensive players will most likely want to play the Tiger Clan, players interested in specializing in ninja abilities should consider the Scorpions, and lastly players that are not very sure or want to have the most flexibility should choose Crane. For more information on clans, visit the story of Shogun Wars page.


Currently there are four technologies that will help you grow in size and power.
  • Siege Technology- Siege technology helps you in two ways. First, each new level allows you to buy better weapons and gives you a certain percentage bonus to your overall ability to do more damage to a defending army. Secondly, increased siege technology decreases the likelihood of casualties while attacking. It also increases the chance of dealing casualties to the defending army.
  • Defense Technology- Defense technology works very similarly to Siege technology, only this time you are the defender. It allows a greater choice of armor, raises your overall defensive bonus, and helps protect your army from casualties, as well as making it more costly an the assaulting army. It is worth noting that these two technologies (Siege & Fortification) are always relative to the two armies at war.
  • Covert (Ninja) Technology- Along with purchasing special ninja tools, a higher covert level increases the ability and effectiveness of your Ninjas.
  • Unit Production- Your unit production level determines the amount of new untrained troops your army receives during each nightly turn. In general, the higher this is, the more gold you get.

Ready? Join the battle now.