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THE WAR HAS BEGUN: The Story of Shogun Wars

The sun Goddess Amaterasu fled the world and hid herself from all. The lands of Earth were plunged into a deep and unyielding darkness.

Meanwhile, the gods of heaven were plotting ways in which they may force the return of their beloved sun goddess, and war descended upon the kingdoms of mankind.

Villages were being burned to the ground, their people forced into slavery. States blamed the sins of bordering nations for the misfortune. Warmongers took the chance to conquer and pillage. The world entered bloody war.

Amaterasu has finally returned, but the shadows across the land were great. After 500 years, Byakko, the great white tiger, has returned to the land and now hunts the shadows that plague mankind. He has sworn a vow to bring light to the darkness and restore honor to mankind.

Meanwhile, war rages on.

From these dreadful circumstances, four clans have been forged:

  • The Crane Clan - Wise in the ways of mortals and immortals alike, the Crane Clan prospers even in these dreadful times of strife. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, for there are times when the stroke of a single pen can purchase many swords. Join now.

  • The Tiger Clan - Strong in the defense of their homes, the Tiger Clan is a feared adversary. Solid as stone are their defenses, and woe to any who seek to take their land. Join now.

  • The Mantis Clan - Preying on the weak and the undefended, the Mantis clan seeks to unite the world of men by brute force. In battle, they are a fierce force to behold and are completely fearless. Join now.

  • The Scorpion Clan - Silent and deadly assassins, who now find themselves at home in the seemingly eternal darkness of night, are said to have eyes and ears everywhere. Join now.

    Join the battle now.

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